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210-page path.lite.mdl

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Displays path from root to current sitemap node.


Input parameters


  • description: ID of root node
  • format: Sitemap page ID
  • default: 0

Output templates

Default output

  • definition: TMP
  • description: mandatory
  • example:
 <div class="menu">
Replaced variables
<#item#> Placeholder for item template

Default item output

  • definition: item
  • description: mandatory. default item template
  • variations:
    • item.last
  • example:
<DEFINITION id="item">
 <a href="?|?a210_path=<%path%>" alt="<%name%>"><%name%></a>
Replaced variables
<#item#> Placeholder for item template
<%db_ID%> Sitemap node ID
<%db_ID_entity%> Sitemap node ID_entity
<%db_name%> Sitemap node name
<%db_name_url%> Sitemap node name in url format
<%db_path_url%> Sitemap node path from root

Examples and notes