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401-article view.lite.smdl

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Displays article by calling 401-article_view.lite.mdl, discussion by calling 821-discussion_message_list.lite.mdl, discussion form by calling 821-discussion_message_list.lite.mdl

Input params

to view module:

  • view_xsgn
  • view_xsgn_global
  • view_xlng_load
  • view_TMP

to discussion message list module

  • discussion_TMP
  • discussion_xsgn
  • discussion_xsgn_global

to discussion message add module

  • discussion_add_TMP
  • discussion_add_xsgn
  • discussion_add_xsgn_global

to article list of related articles module

  • related_TMP
  • related_xsgn
  • related_xsgn_global

to attachment list of related files module

  • attachments_TMP
  • attachments_xsgn
  • attachments_xsgn_global

Examples of usage

Calling from Service type

	<VAR id="-type" value="smdl" />
	<VAR id="-category" value="401" />
	<VAR id="-name" value="article_view" />
	<VAR id="-version" value="lite" />
	<VAR id="-global" value="1" />
		<VAR id="view_TMP" value="CONTENT" />
		<VAR id="article.ID" value="<$main::FORM{'ID'}>" />