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Create a new engine

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Create the engine executable

Usually, the executables reside in the .core directory of your Cyclone3 installation. The names cron, download, webclick, tom3 and a542_download are already reserved by the system, but apart from that, you can name the file as you want. As for permissions, the file usually has access access and user rights set up this way:

-rwxrwxr-x  1 cyclone3  cyclone3 2.9K Oct 27  2010 my_own_engine

Set up an unique engine name, ie.


it differs your engine from the others, and is also used for the unique log file, in this case

-rw-rw-rw-  1 cyclone3 cyclone3 5.3K Aug 24 09:13 2012-08-24.my_own_engine.log

Create engine executable batch in domain service

In the !www directory of your domain service, create a batch file, calling the engine executable. Name it with the .tom extension, with these user and access permissions:

-r-xrw----  1 www-data  cyclone3   62 Aug 24 08:54 my_own_engine.tom 

and insert these lines inside

/Cyclone3/.core/my_own_engine pwd=$PWD;

where the pwd variable is automatically filled by the path of the domain service where the batch was started, ie. /Cyclone3/!!www

Running and testing the new engine

For debugging and syntax checking, open your console, go to the !www directory, where your executable batch is located and type

perl my_engine.tom

This way, you can read detailed error notices and fix what's needed.

Once you've done all you needed in your executable, you can run it from the browser