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This is a tutorial for an absolute Cyclone3 beginner webdesigner, explaining the ways of creating a webpage using the Cyclone3 framework. You should find here all basic steps for starting your new website or another kind of service, and if needed, maybe also some advanced tutorials.

In this howtos we assume you have access to installed Cyclone3 with at least one domain service created and one user with admin rights. If not, go back to Main Page for instructions.

For learning purposes, we recommend you to use predefined example.tld service. To see example.tld website in web browser, edit hosts file in your operating system by adding example.tld and IP address of your Cyclone3 server. As you will read these tutorials, you should periodically check and test all possibilities.

Also don't consider this 'step-by-step' tutorial. We try to interconnect howtos with keywords and specification. Therefore feel free to jump from one topic to another and return when you understand the used terms. You will see that after initial confusion there will be a point in which you begin to understand all the possibilities and enjoy its benefits - mainly the huge flexibility you are given.

Everything for your webdesign work you can find in Webdesign documents category. Also, check out the modules documentation category.


Directory structure

Cyclone3 has a standardized directory structure, so we recommend, you check the directory structure page to get acknowledged with it at first.

Sitemap and URIs

Sitemap is the basic element of your web, unless you create single page site. It reflects the structure of your website. When learning how to create a site on Cyclone3, this is the entry gate to it's logic.

Creating sitemap

Services and applications

Templating a webpage

Applications: Articles

Applications: Images

Applications: Videos

Applications: Files