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Developing XUL CMS

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Why develop

If you still can't find any good reasons to start programming the Cyclone3 XUL CMS, here are some more:

  • you might want to add your own functionality and extend the XUL CMS
  • fixing bugs that you simply cannot wait for the core developers to fix
  • supporting your clients and being independent from the official version
  • learning new skills, getting really good at JavaScript

Project plans


There is a Roadmap of the project. Visit to see planned features and bugfixes.


For a more detailed feature/bug management we use the well-know Bugzilla. To file a bug or search for potential features/known bugs see

Feature Requests - contact developers

If there are any features you would like to have and you are unable to provide them yourself, there are these options:

  • file a bug on bugzilla with priority set to 'enhancement'
  • contact the developers via IRC at #cyclone3/
  • consider sponsoring this particular feature - you will be mentioned on the site and also your request will be served with higher priority

Getting XUL CMS / Source code

So you want to install XUL CMS?

You can download the stable version, nightly build or the source code directly from the repository. Firefox uses XPI-format install packages for its addons. This is essentially a ZIP archive with a manifest file at the beginning.

Note that when you install from our XPI builds (Stable & Nightly), your version will automatically update when there is a new release of either of those. Unless you manually change the addon version later, if you make changes, an update will erase them.

Stable Version

You want to try it. Maybe log on an example site. Perhaps check out the source code.

Get stable version. Note that it will update automatically when new stable version is released so beware you might lose your changes.

Nightly build

Bleeding edge builds. Check the newest features.

Nightly builds are generated from the SVN automatically every night.

SVN Repository

See changes from today's morning. Update on-demand. Commit.

The bleeding-edge fresh source code is available in the public Subversion repository.

svn checkout

To install this to Firefox, you will need to create an xpi-file. To do this, change directory to inside the xpi-source and issue a recursive zip command. For a *nix platform this would be:

cd xpi-source
zip -r xulcms.xpi *

Then just drag&drop the xpi file to Firefox window or open it as a URL.

How to Begin

The addon is installed and running. You want to change some code now. You need to set up a development environment. You need to know how the application is structured and how we actually stuff down.

Setting up a development enviroment

Steps needed after installation. How to unpack the code. How to edit stuff and see changes on the fly.

Setting up extension development environment

Coding Standards

Programming in XUL

Application Structure

XUL CMS Application Structure



Anatomy of a binding


XUL CMS Libraries

Commit Access

As long as you are interested in developing XUL CMS further, we are more than happy to accept your patches. Talk to us in #cyclone3 on Freenode about getting commit access.

3rd Party Addons

Basic Requirements