Cyclone3 Skin

DocBook XUL editor

From Cyclone3 Wiki are finding developer/s to develop XUL binding able to edit DocBook XML sources. Source codes will be available under GPLv2 license.



Editor allow to edit DocBook XML sources in WYSIWYG form for unskilled users. Open/Save dialogs and similar are not required - only binding. This binding will be availabe in Cyclone3 XULadmin open-source product.

There are two goals:

  • WYSIWYG editation of simple article
  • output all data as valid DocBook XML

The XUL binding must allow only editation of article, functionality with opening, saving, converting is not required (will be implemented above this binding in future by us)

  • WYSIWYG editation similar to XXE editor (but with less functionality)
  • key bindings as Enter (when i'm in paragraph then create next paragraph)
  • panel with buttons to manage content (bold as emphasis@role=bold, italic, list, etc...)
  • sidebar with tree structure of XML source (allow to add new item, remove, change)

support for few tags from Simplified DocBook

  • paragraphs
  • sections and titles (article, book, chapter not required)
  • lists (only itemizedlist and orderedlist)
  • basic list of inline elements (email, emphasis, ...)
  • images (very simplified, but with management of width, height, align, title,...)
  • html tables - (without spans when very complicated)
  • possible to extend list of supported tags in future


  • allow to display editing text in semantics
  • allow to display editing text as formatted text

Required skills

  • XUL
  • JavaScript
  • DocBook