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As very impressive part of Apache FastCGI, so can be problematic. Don't forget! - 99% of detected problems are in bad configuration of fastcgi, not in Cyclone3. When FastCGI is good configured, Cyclone3 runs rock stable.

Error messages from Apache log

  • [warn] FastCGI: (dynamic) server "/www/TOM/!domain.tld/!www/core.tom" has remained running for more than 30 seconds, its restart interval has been restored to 5 seconds

Ignore this message

FastCGI process freezes

Check the process with strace -p number. When this process is freezed on futex (example: futex(0xb7f754c0, FUTEX_WAIT, 2, NULL), then anything in mod_fastcgi is seriously wrong. This is not problem of Cyclone3, but of fastcgi process management. You can try another mod_fastcgi source code version.

On Debian, this FastCGI problem seems to be related to IPv6 according to this bug report:

(Fast)CGI process not show existing ENV variable

Trick to pass variables over Apache2, add similar line into .htaccess