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  • Extension: *.body (see Naming conventions)
  • Location: _dsgn directory
  • Mandatory: no
  • Caching: not cached

The *.body files are used to define the base layout of a page. This file this file is an excerpt of the whole page output, which most of the time doesn't change in any way. It also defines the first module output placeholders - the !-based tags. These are to be used in the -TMP var of the module definition in servicetype. If you want to put a module output to the page's content here, you would specify the -TMP var as PAGE-CONTENT (you need to exclude the TMP- prefix from the placeholder name. Here's an example of a page file:

<div class="page">

 <div class="page_head">



 <div class="page_content">



 <div class="page_foot">




and here's how you would put a module output into the page content tag:

 <VAR id="-TMP" value="PAGE-CONTENT" />

You might think now, this is the only file, where the placeholders can be defined, but it's not that true - you can define them basically anywhere in the output - in designmodules or even module templates. Remember though, that the servicetype is processed as ordered, so if you want to output something to a PAGE-BANNER placeholder, you need to specify a <!TMP-PAGE-BANNER!> somewhere before the current module is processed.