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Where can I host my Cyclone3 project? How should you host a small or large Cyclone3 domain service?

Cyclone3 doesn't run on every generic $5/month webhosting accounts. One of the biggest perceived barriers to using Cyclone3 Framework is the fact that it doesn't run nicely in the most common kind of commodity webhosting space.

Why not? Well, in a word, framework.

Cyclone3 Framework is an application that runs on Linux/BSD server (we are working on Windows port). This means that to use Cyclone3, you've got to be able to run standard applications on that server. Unfortunately, most low-end web hosting providers don't support Cyclone3, choosing instead to optimize their webservers for hosting lots and lots of small MySQL/PHP sites.

This isn't that big a deal for large Cyclone3 projects, who typically run on one or more dedicated servers, and have IT staff on staff (or outsourced) with the appropriate skills. But it seems like a challenge for small Cyclone3 projects, doesn't it?


How to tell if your current web hosting provider supports Cyclone3

Ask them! Say "Hey, [friendly tech support person], does [your web hosting provider] support Cyclone3?"

If your web hosting provider does not explicitly mention that they support Cyclone3, then they almost certainly don't.

If your web server does not allow you to do any of the following things, then you probably can't run Cyclone3:

Why not use my current $5/month hosting provider?

It's an old adage: "you get what you pay for." More accurately, though, you don't get what you don't pay for.

In the case of "el cheapo" (Which we define as $5-20/month hosting providers selling shared LAMP instances) web hosting providers, what you're not paying for is any kind of helpful support. That's labor, and labor is expensive. The entire business model of commodity hosting providers is to gamble that you won't have any tech support questions, and to provide the least amount of help possible if you do. This might be fine if all you're trying to do is host a few static web pages, or run a simple PHP script. But in the long run, ultra-low-cost commodity hosting providers are rarely a good value.

OK, then which web hosting providers do support Cyclone3?

The situation sounds pretty bleak, right? Don't worry: finding good reliable hosting for Cyclone3 isn't so hard.

There are several solid approaches to hosting a Cyclone3. In increasing order of difficulty they are:

  • Get Cyclone3 hosting from a Cyclone3 developers company that you're working with on your project.
  • Get Cyclone3 hosting from one of the many companies that specialize in Cyclone3 hosting.
  • Get a low-cost "virtual server" account from a web hosting provider and set up your own copy of Cyclone3.
Download pre-installed Cyclone3 on Debian server ready for virtual hosting.

List of companies hosting Cyclone3

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