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Internal server error

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Here's a list of possible reasons and their solutions:


Missing mod_rewrite

Install and set up mod_rewrite.

Missing mod_fcgid

Install and set up mod_rewrite.

Erroneous local.conf

Check the local.conf configuration file if there's not a syntactic error, or misconfiguration.

Trying to load non-existent component

This error may occur when you are trying to load a layer using

<CONF_VAR id="layers" value="non-existing-file" />


<ADDLAYER id="non-existing-file" />

or trying to load a non-existing header or body

<CONF_VAR id="header" value="non-existing-file" />
<CONF_VAR id="body" value="non-existing-file" />

so check the type you are using to display the erroneous link, and check if this is not a problem.