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Job scheduler

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Job scheduler is planned replacement for Cyclone3 cron system. Problem of cron system is low performance, none dependencies, bad timing, executions without saved states into db (to manage and control it), multi-server execution, and none management tool.


A job scheduler is an enterprise software application that is in charge of unattended background executions, commonly known for historical reasons as batch processing.

Synonyms are batch system, Distributed Resource Management System (DRMS), and Distributed Resource Manager (DRM). Today's job schedulers typically provide a graphical user interface and a single point of control for definition and monitoring of background executions in a distributed network of computers. Increasingly job schedulers are required to orchestrate the integration of real-time business activities with traditional background IT processing, across different operating system platforms and business application environments.

Basic features expected

  • XUL interfaces which helps to define workflows and/or job dependencies
  • Automatic submission of executions
  • Interfaces to monitor the executions
  • Priorities and/or queues to control the execution order of unrelated jobs
  • Performance monitor
  • Scalability to more execution servers
  • Dynamical time management

Time management

  • Define like in Linux cron system when the job will be executed