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Set up image formats

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Image formats are stored directly in database for each domain service in table named a501_image_format.

One row represents one format, columns represent various parameters.


a501_image_format columns description


defines format position in a tree structure. Example:

000 - original image file, usable only as backup.

000:000 - fullsize - the largest image used for example as detail view on web.

000:001 - fullsize with watermark - when you need to store both formats with and without watermark.

000:000:000 - thumbnail - used i.e. in gallery view.

000:000:000:000 - icon - used only in administration for small icons in image listing.

Note that tree structure defines the level, from which the image is generated. In other words, it's a waste of system resource to generate small icons from original 5Mpix photo. So there is a hierarchical approach you should follow.


possible values Y/N. Is the format always required to be generated? In most cases, N is enough, because the format will be generated only when actually used thus saving disk space on server.


possible values L/N/Y. L = locked, that means it should not be modified, because is used internally by the system. Y = enabled. N = disabled


one line represent one image processing function. These functions are described at Set up image format processing.