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Add a configuration key to servicetype

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Open the type, you want to add the key to. Add the CONF_KEY tag to its beginning, like this:

<!CMLTYPE type:name="Cyclone-Markup-Language" type:version="1.0" type:cp="UTF-8"!>

<CONF_KEY name="a401_article_cat.ID" description="Article category ID" \
 select="a401_article_cat.ID" public="1" default="<$main::FORM{'ID_category'}>" />

<CONF_VAR id="layers" value="default" />

Attribute descriptions:

  • name - internal name to be used in the %main::key namespace
  • description - displayed as the key name in Cyclone3 XULAdmin
  • select - requested parameter format - if you use "*" or do not specify this attribute, it can contain anything in string format, if you specify it as above - the user will be able to select directly an article from the Cyclone3 XULadmin article list, instead of hard-typing its ID. You can do this for all applications.
  • default - the default value, can be specified directly, or by using/combining system variables (i.e. as above, by acquiring the ID_category form value

Usage in pub.type to send key into module:

 <VAR id="ID" value="<$main::key{'a301_article_cat.ID'}>">