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This configuration specifies the various service types for the given Cyclone3 service (mostly a web page). Every single line consists of two parts:

  • physical file name
    • This is an unique file name of a type file, located in the service's _type directory, without the .pub.type extension
  • alias for the type file
    • An alias, which can be used to create a link to this type, i.e. ?|?type=article_view&ID_entity=352

Here's an example of a simple type config:

l_default = "default"
l_home = "home"

l_section = "section"

l_article_list = "article_list"
l_article_view = "article_view"

l_image_list = "image_list"
l_image_view = "image_view"

l_video_list = "video_list"
l_video_view = "video_view"

l_test = "test"

Only when the type file exists and is specified in the type.conf file, can it be used by the service, and also can be used/set up in the Cyclone3 XUL Admin sitemap node editation dialog.